Altwine Electric Motors Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in northeastern Nebraska serving the agricultural and commercial marketplace. We specialize in the sales and service of grain bins, grain handling equipment, and grain storage system components including Superior Grain Bins and Excel Dryers. Altwine Electric Motors offers Blue Star Generators including the service, installation, and repair of generators for commercial, industrial, agricultural use. Our company also provides extensive service on electric motors, including the installation, repair, exchange, service and conversion of irrigation pump motors. Altwine Construction will assist you with designing, building, expanding, and maintaining the best possible solutions for your agricultural needs. We understand it is a privilege to do business with you and we look forward to the opportunity of growing a long lasting relationship!


Grain Bins, Grain Handling Equipment, Grain Storage System Components, Superior Grain Bins

Generator, Blue Star Generator

Grain Bin Sales & Service
Offers a full line of bins and grain handling equipment supported by products that make grain production more efficient for farmers. We fully understand that adequate grain storage and delivery maximize your farm’s profitability in today's fluctuating market.

Generator Sales & Service  
Delivers service, install and repair generators for commercial, industrial, farm and agricultural use. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products that include Blue Star Generators. Whether you are securing a hog confinement or considering the personal safety and preparedness of your family we have a generator to suit your needs. 

Electric Motors


Construction, Altwine Construction

Electric Motors Sales & Service
Providing extensive service, repair and installation on electric and farm duty motors, including the installation, repair, exchange, service and conversion of irrigation pump motors. If you have a farm duty motor in need of service or replacement chances are we can handle the task.

Altwine Construction  
Altwine Construction can assist with site design, assemble expert crews to handle each step of the process to erect new or integrated equipment into existing systems that will enhance and expand your production.

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